Westacre-Garage conversion

This House is situated in the very nice area Kingswood.  The clients had decided to build a detached double garage on their property. This left the existing double garage within their house unused. Their plan was to convert this into a Television/social room.
This Garage conversion was a little more complicated than usual as there was some structural elements within it that had to be rearranged. Once these were taken care of and the boiler had been changed and relocated by ourselves we could begin to work with the new space we had.
It is always very important to us to make sure that new building work looks very much part of the existing building. A lot of care was taken in trying to find the right bricks for this job. I think the outcome was a success. Internally we had to bring the walls and roof space up to the insulation standards and then we could begin to work on the special feature of the room.
The special features of the room included integrating the Television into the wall. The same wall also housed the utility’s (fuse board, alarm etc). We created built in cupboards in which these utility’s could be lost. We also fitted LED strip lights into the ceiling to create a wonderful effect. The room was decorated by our fantastic team and now it really looks the part.